Monday, December 10, 2012

Game play update & possible next steps

I have added a basic levels and game over yesterday so it's a bit more playable. Here's the updated Windows binary:

Right now I'm trying to decide which direction to take this and I'm toying around with possibly:
  • Continue with this game, adding art, sound, other features, etc
  • Create a tutorial of what I've created so far
  • Create a web version
  • Go on with the next game type now that the basic game mechanics are done with this one

A friend found a web version of Lua/Love2D that might be usable to get the game running on the web through the Love-WebPlayer so I might check that out. A game type I'm thinking of playing around with next is something like Breakout aka Knock 'Em Out.
Ideas? Suggestions? Send me a note.

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  1. I was talking to a friend at school and he brought up a the point that the old game Asteroids would be very playable on a phones touch screen. Seems like a fairly simple game to code as well.