Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quick update - Tetriminos web version

Just a quick update. I'm testing out the Love-WebPlayer that allows the game to be played with Chrome or Firefox (sorry no Internet Explorer support yet).

Tetriminos - web version

The font doesn't look right yet but the game is playable.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Game play update & possible next steps

I have added a basic levels and game over yesterday so it's a bit more playable. Here's the updated Windows binary:

Right now I'm trying to decide which direction to take this and I'm toying around with possibly:
  • Continue with this game, adding art, sound, other features, etc
  • Create a tutorial of what I've created so far
  • Create a web version
  • Go on with the next game type now that the basic game mechanics are done with this one

A friend found a web version of Lua/Love2D that might be usable to get the game running on the web through the Love-WebPlayer so I might check that out. A game type I'm thinking of playing around with next is something like Breakout aka Knock 'Em Out.
Ideas? Suggestions? Send me a note.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New domain name, GitHub, and misc game dev links

New domain name!

Landing Page directs to the new blog location:

New GitHub for all the codes

so far I have basic Tetris mechanics - not a complete game yet. Work in progress.
Just unzip to a new directory and run Tetriminos.exe

Source available via GitHub:  Tetriminos Source

Beginner game dev links
Although it's using Javascript, it's still worth checking out for any beginner.

Friday, December 7, 2012

About and Links

I'll be using this blog as a scrapbook for some of my game and game development research.

Recently I've been looking into different game prototyping environments for quick game development. Prototyping in game development is basically creating a sample of how the game works, and focuses on getting a working sample up and running as quickly and simply as possible.

I started looking a C# and XNA. C# is a great language for throwing something together quickly but C# and XNA isn't as portable as I'd like. From there I started checking out Python and Pygame and found it to be a pretty viable option for throwing a game together. Not wanting to settle I kept looking a bit and was recommended to check out Lua and Love2D. I hadn't played much with Lua and found it to be pretty neat but not as popular as Lua. This time around I checked out Love2D as well and discovered that it was even quicker to throw a small game together with it also looks pretty popular on forums discussing 2D game prototyping. So I'll see where it goes.

A couple links I found that I'll post here for others going the same route: - some ideas of types of games to create while starting your game development journey - popular tools used by Ludum Dare participants - more on this later - a couple videos showing the making of some games